About Us

If you have dream to become a doctor or engineer and have fully committed yourself to work delicately for realizing your dream, The Class welcomes you with the same level of commitment and dedication. The Class has been founded by experts of competitive examination and our main motto is to facilitate the aspiration for aspirants for medical/engineering. The Class has a superior strength in all areas of engineering / medical exams, yet the same time most important philosophy of our institute which says that “believe in excellence”, teaching at The Class do not offer a student just one sided lecture or routine notes but very encouraging environment to practice more and more. We have designed and developed our programme to create a comfortable and stimulating learning atmosphere combing it with the latest teaching techniques. Our focus on developing each aspirants a strong subjective foundations, critical problem solving ability mock test environment.

Director’s Message:-

In this era of changing environment of coaching of engineering and medical entrance with continuous improvement and implementation of new guideline and syllabus, students often loose the right path and ask, “What is the right way for success”? To answer this I narrated a story of a traveler, “there who met a saint on a mountain path high in the Himalayas. The traveler asked the old man where he could find the path which would lead him to the top of the mountain, his ultimate destination. The saint thought for a moment and then replied “simply make certain that every single step is towards the direction of mountain top and you will get there.” When your every thought and action is directed to your ultimate life goal, you become unstoppable and assured for great success. We at The Class work as your friend, motivator and guide to unfold your full potential and lead your way to success. We work round the clock with you to optimize your energy and efforts in the right direction to ensure your every single step in the direction of mountain top. We have helped thousands of students to achieve their dreams of getting into IITs, AIIMS and other top global universities. I whole heartedly welcome you to The Class family. The Class justifies its’ meaning of the period of new growth of interest and activities in Particular area. According to its name, The Class provides a time period to grow interest in science arena so the aspirants of engineering / medical will have a confidence to face IIT-JEE, NEET, BITSAT, AIIMS & Olympiads. It is established by the nationally renowned & visionary academician / personalities / faculties to emit the havoc of exam such as IIT-JEE / NEET / AIIMS / BITSAT etc. from the students.


Our vision is to become a leading education service provider and to accomplish this we will be contributing our country through excellence in different prestigious competitive exams.


The Class intends to feel the supply side gap in education sector so the aspirant should feel a regenerated fresh energy to serve himself his society and ultimately our country by making himself / herself a veteran doctor or a classic engineer or a great human being.